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Agnita Bok

~ “You can’t help others if you do not know yourself” ~

For the past 15 years I have come into contact with many beautiful and inspiring people during my search for who I am in essence and what I prefer to do. They all passed on to me, each in their own way, their knowledge. For example, I did training and workshops in the field of (non-violent) communication, coaching, systemic work, kinesiology, mediation, medical and psychosocial basic knowledge and neuro therapies (Brainspotting ™ and PMA ™).

All this knowledge, experience and developed skills make me who I am now. A versatile companion of people who want to improve themselves. And by that, I mean literally improving, such as performing better in work or sports, but also becoming physically or mentally better (healing).

What I mainly use is a mix of coaching and neuro therapies, because I have been convinced that this is the most efficient and effective in solving problems and blockades. And to bring about improvement.

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Agnita is extremely well accomplished in business and group facilitation, executive coaching , training and communications.
She has expanded her practice these last 5 years as a therapist, and in particular has become a highly skilled practitioner, and trainer in a brain /body intervention called Brainspotting.
This revolutionary intervention can be a life changing experience for clients in any context, but especially in performance zones, sport, performing arts, and business. I have mentored and supervised Agnita through this process, and collaborated with her on projects, and her perception, understanding, and sensitivity is exceptional.

~ Phil Johnson – UK


I have seen Agnita working for myself, but also for two of my sons. Agnita combines various methods and a box of (life) experience with each other to achieve the desired result. I personally experienced the effect of brainspotting. It is bizarre to notice that you can loosen / solve so much by looking at a stick. In the first instance I had difficulty in trusting that. But I have experienced it myself: it works! Agnita helps you during the session by showing a lot of patience for your process. And she asks at the right moments to keep going.
With my two sons (7 and 9 years old) Agnita also showed beautiful work. Working with children brings with it a few more challenges and especially empathy. But Agnita has developed strongly in this. I am very grateful to her for the result she has realized for both guys. The positive effect of the brainspotting sessions on behavior is unbelievable!

~ Ingrid Wennekes – NL