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Better cooperation

Many employee complaints arise from problems in the workplace. In addition to work pressure, problems in collaboration with colleagues are a major cause of absenteeism. And also with other forms of cooperation, think of team sports, mutual friction can arise. Often a combination of individual and team coaching is an effective and efficient approach. Here too I often use neuro coaching to tackle the underlying causes.

How do I proceed?



What attracted me to mediation when I started training was that it is aimed at promoting communication between parties that have a conflict with each other. In the Netherlands, however, mediation has often ended up in the legal domain. The mediation I do is purely aimed at improving or initiating communication between two or more parties. For example, this could be conflicts between employees, employees and employers, married couples or family members. No law book on the table but the wish to resolve the issue(s) together.

Communication training


As a communications advisor, I have trained many people over the past 20 years to improve their communication skills. Some of the training that I give:

– Media training
– Presentation skills training
– Interview skills
– Feedback training
– Tailor-made training courses for individuals and groups.



Brainspotting is a therapy form for processing trauma and other blockages. David Grand Phd, a renowned psychotherapist in the United States, discovered this very effective method in 2003. It has since grown into a globally used therapy that is constantly being developed.