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Better performance

Better performance doesn’t always mean that you have to perform more. It can also mean that what you want or need to do will cost you less effort. Think about:

  • Sports performance (old injuries and hard training methods can have caused a lot of trauma and thus block your current performance)
  • School performance / studying (e.g. concentration problems or dyslexia)
  • Perform at work (with all the associated work pressure)

How do I proceed?



Brainspotting is a therapy form for processing trauma and other blockages. David Grand Phd, a renowned psychotherapist in the United States, discovered this very effective method in 2003. It has since grown into a globally used therapy that is constantly being developed.


Licht aan einde tunnel

There are a lot of coaching methods. I have followed various courses and developed my own approach over the years from all the techniques and skills I have learned there. And every coaching trajectory adds new experience to that, so that I can deliver tailor-made solutions to my clients. After all, no problem and people are the same. And not every person fits in the same structure. Ultimately, the result is what counts.