Improve yourself.

What do you want to improve? Your (sports) performance? Your physical or mental health? Your relationship? Your communication? The cooperation with colleagues? Or do you not know what you want?

I would like to help you become better. And if I can’t do it alone then I have a large network of specialized colleagues with whom I work.

How can I help?

Better performance

Better performance doesn’t always mean that you have to perform more. It can also mean that what you want or need to do will cost you less effort.  Lees verder..

Better cooperation

Many employee complaints arise from problems in the workplace. In addition to work pressure, problems in collaboration with colleagues are a major cause of absenteeism.  Lees verder..

Better health

Physical and mental complaints and illnesses often arise from life events that cause physical or emotional injury. I can help. Lees verder..

Better communication

One is communicatively very skilled, the other less or sometimes not at all. However, a very large part of our social life is about communicating. Lees verder..


Who am I?

My name is Agnita Bok. I am a passionate and committed improvement coach, certified Brainspotting practicioner, trainer, communication advisor and mediator with over 30 years of work experience with private individuals, companies and consultancy firms. With an eye for you as a person behind the roles that you fulfill every day. The person who wants to get better in one or more of those roles.

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Who can I help?


You want employees to perform optimally. Work pressure, health problems, private problems or problems in the cooperation can be an obstacle.
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Adults often have to perform a lot in our fast society. At work, in the social field, with sports, etc. This regularly leads to overload, mental or physical.
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I enjoy working with children, of all ages. Especially Brainspotting is an extremely effective approach to all kinds of problems.

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